Little Rock, United States

Hi, I am Georgia

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I am here to face my fears with passion.

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I am part of Yuujou because...

After living in Thailand alone for the last six months, my biggest struggle was the lack of closeness I was met with by Bangkok. The transient nomads that rolled in and out of the airports. The foreigners stringing you along for the sake of an experience rather than a creation of friendship. The big city lived and died by impermanence. I want this experience to be the antithesis of that experience. I want Yuujou to show me that there is a bigger connection that can be found in traveling and even more than a connection - an intimacy.

I expect a friend to...

challenge me to ride a humpback whale while singing Take On Me by A-Ha in pig Latin.

I can't stand it when...

someone flushes the toilet while I'm in the shower.

I spend an unreasonable amount of money on...

my ant farm and cookbooks for my easy bake oven.

These are my creative super powers!
Playing music
Dad jokes

What is the Yuujou journey about?

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