Vitória, Brazil

Hi, I am Larissa

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I am in love with the possibility of change

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I am part of Yuujou because...

I want to go on the Yuujou journey to learn about the world and people. How I, living in my mind could do something to make others' lifes greater? I think empiricism is the best way of knowledge and challenges make you grow as a person. We have to be strong and remember to still be able to share and give love because everyone has a story to tell. I want to be able to handle things I thought I never would.

I expect a friend to...

talk about anything with me.

I can't stand it when...

people don't try to understand what others are going through.

I spend an unreasonable amount of money on...

The last time was on documents I was preparing for a schorlarship I didn't get.

These are my creative super powers!
Playing music
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What is the Yuujou journey about?

What is Yuujou?