Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Hi, I am Esther

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I am a big dreamer, i love new experiences

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I am part of Yuujou because...

I want to go on the yuujou journey because it will be a great experience also because i believe in the power of friendship . People could share their journey with me and i can do the same. I'm a global citizen so it will be like a dream that comes true.

I expect a friend to...

Be always honest with me even when the truth is ugly.

I can't stand it when...

People judge other's choices when they don't even know what the person had go through.

I spend an unreasonable amount of money on...

Clothes because i love fashion .

These are my creative super powers!
Playing music
Readind , translating
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What is the Yuujou journey about?

What is Yuujou?