Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Hi, I am Débora

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I am An old soul with a fiery mind and heart

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I am part of Yuujou because...

Since I was a child and there was no internet (lol), I always wanted to communicate with people from all over the world, breaking the linguistic and cultural boundaries and showing that despite our differences, we have a lot in common.

I am looking for new experiences that can expand my knowledge, make me discover new things and transform me into an even better human being. I believe that in order to discover incredible things, we must leave our comfort zone and give a chance to the unexpected. Visiting new places, learning new languages and about new cultures or making new friends are wonderful ways to gain knowledge, wisdom, to increase our emotional intelligence and strengthen our feelings of empathy for others.

Go on the Yuujou Journey would be extraordinary and a lifetime experience for me, because I could express myself creatively and explore my spiritual side in the most beautiful way possible: expanding my mind even more with all the diversity the world has to offer me.

I expect a friend to...

share with me the good moments, trust me in the bad ones, don't be afraid to be him/ herself and tell me if there is food in my teeth.

I can't stand it when...

I see racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, any kind of violence or disrespectful behavior that can take someone else's right to be him/herself.

I spend an unreasonable amount of money on...

Experiences that can bring me a new insight or a new perspective on life. It could be a restaurant, a museum, a concert, theater or cinema for example

These are my creative super powers!
Playing music
Spreading love
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