Week #8 of the Yuujou journey

Before Renata completes Team East, the YouTuber Travellight joins Paula and Joey for one week. Jordan is a full time traveler and tells her adventures on her YouTube channel Travellight. Since she is always on the move she has experienced a lot of different people and cultures.

But traveling is not always big smiles! On the other side of the world Team West leaves their newly made friends in Brasília and arrives in Belém after a 35-hour bus ride. Yvonne starts to feel very bad. Her headaches continue for several days so she decides to go to the hospital. Fortunately there is Melissa, who translates for Yvonne, because none of the doctors speaks English or Spanish. 

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  • Fahmeedah, June 10

    Georgia is definitely on my bucket list now! Yvonne, glad you're feeling better 😊Sucks to be sick when you're traveling.