Week #2 of the Yuujou journey

The second week of the Yuujou journey was a difficult one for Team East. John, Paula and Joey face major problems. John only joined the team after the workshop in Berlin because he had to wait for his Schengen visa. Missing the first days and not being physically part of the workshop turns out to be a difficult starting situation.
After two weeks the team hasn't really gotten together yet and the mood is tense. How do the travelers deal with the situation?

Meanwhile Team West is not yet complete as the third traveler Jed is still waiting for his visa. But the journey is unfolding smoothly. Yvonne and Panos are meeting their third host: Alex in Zurich. It's Panos' first time in Switzerland and he is totally amazed by its beauty. Brave Panos even dares to jump into the ice-cold water of the local river. Would you have jumped, too?

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  • Janette, April 30

    Hahaha, Jed would probably have jumped!

  • Harisankar, April 27

    I would have jumped too!!