Week #15 of the Yuujou journey

Jed, Joey, Renata, Panos, Paula and Yvonne managed to reach the other side of the world only by traveling from one friend to the next. Both traveler teams managed to find a final connection to Japan and successfully created a circle of friendship around the world. With their final hosts they dive into the Japanese culture.

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  • Janette, August 1

    Panos you made me giggle - you are one crazy dude! I will miss all the beautiful smiles, pictures and videos. I used to wait impatiently for the next video! Come on Yuujou.... whats next?!?! Yuujou you rock! :)

  • Stefan, July 27


  • Wendy, July 27

    Love this video, such an amazing 100 day challenge! Well done everyone!! I've enjoyed all your highlights, videos and beautiful photos, a talented group for sure! YUUJOU please continue to squeeze a few more highlights out for those of us that are highly addicted fans! Really going to miss Joey, Renata, Paula, Panos and Yvonne, looking forward to more exciting adventure with YUUJOU!!

  • Preya, July 26

    This video had me grinning from ear to ear. One of my favorite Yuujou videos!! 🤗