Week #14 of the Yuujou journey

How do the traveler teams feel now that the final destination and the reunion of both teams is just a few steps away? 

Team East leaves Quezon City and travel to Tagaytay where the next exciting encounter is waiting for them. Adrian, Yuujou community member and supportive ambassador, invited the travelers to spend a few days with him. And the days in Tagaytay could not be more exciting. Together with Adrian they climb up volcano Taal and attend a Filipino wedding ceremony. 

Across the ocean there is Team West inhaling the tropical vibes of Hawaii. They go surfing, hiking and attend a big family celebration at the house of their host Carly where they are introduced to Carly's friend and their next host Yuki. Even though Yuki is Japanese she unfortunately not manages to get a direct connection to Japan. How do the traveler manage to still cross the Pacific and make it to Japan within the given 100 days?

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  • Ann, July 20

    Pure joy😊♥️

  • Francis, July 20

    Wow.. im also in the philippines near in tagaytay.

  • Fahmeedah, July 19

    So happy that you all made it to Japan! 🎉

  • Wendy, July 19

    Such a cool video! Thank you for the adventure, thank you to the hosts for getting them to Japan! Whoop whoop!!

  • Preya, July 19

    Superb video!! I cannot wait to see the reactions of all six travelers when they finally meet again! 🤩