Surprise visit to Daphne

When planning their journey to Haiti Yvonne and Corinne had organized everything to surprise Daphne at work, but when they arrived in Haiti, nothing worked out.

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  • Anderson, February 26

    YESSSSSS!!!!! [ extremely happy face emoji here ]

  • Mulry Joe Davessenn, February 25

    Congratulations Daphne! Keep that same energy and continue to inspire!

  • Nissi, February 22

    Daphne I can't wait to see you! so much energy from you

  • Luxon, February 19

    Congratulations Daphne!!!

  • Prisca, February 19

    Congratssss Daph!

  • Desir Haiti, February 18

    Congrats Daphne proud of you💬💬

  • Muna, February 17

    Congrats!! Daphne!

  • L, February 16

    Congrats Daphne. Excited but not surprised you made it to the next round! Looking forward to seeing you come out on top. You have a great personality and smile and it is so obvious how passionate you are about this. Keep shining!

  • Sage, February 16

    From the way she's runnin at the airport..ain't no better way to describe that bundle of joy and energy! A true life lover with such a warm personality who seeks the bright side of every situation. That journey is about sharing and learning, and you already make people around you take part of it as a blessing, and a reminder that we have to dare outside the box and fight for our dreams. The best is yet to come, it's in you...may you bring Sunshine and Love everywhere you go ;)

  • Ruber, February 16

    Congrats Dapsh, is good to see your big smile and happy personality even all the troubles that you through out. Best wishes