One day with Jed

Each of the Top 10 Yuujou candidates has the opportunity to show Yvonne their everyday life. Being a real outdoor enthusiast Jed gets up at 5 am for his daily surf session. He then spends his free time often in the jungle - always walking barefoot.

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  • Shannon, March 1

    So pleased you’re in the Top 10, Jed 👏🏄🏻‍♂️🙌 you’re thoughtful, fun, funny, adventurous, easy-going - just what’s needed in a fellow traveller🖖

  • Janette, March 1

    congrats Jed!! this is definitely yours!! love the video's

  • Daphne, February 27

    such a beautiful scenery !! Jed Congratulations again on making it in the top 10 :)