Maxime's tears of happiness

Maxime made it to the Top 10! Maxime already knows that Yvonne could show up at their place anytime. And still they get so emotional when suddenly Yvonne stands in front of them. But this time we are not the only ones with all the surprises. The passionate dancer reveals some exciting secrets, too.

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  • Jean-Marie, March 8

    Maxime est une personne extra-ordinaire ! Unique, intègre, authentique ! Elle n'a peur de rien, n'a aucune limite pour vivre pleinement ! Totalement engagée dans les projets auxquels elle croit, sensible à son environnement et à ses compatriotes humains ! Elle mérite pleinement ce qui lui arrive ! Hâte de voir la conclusion de cette aventure !!

  • Jaypee, February 23

    Congratulations , I hope you make it to the journey 😍

  • Adrian, February 18

    Congrats Maxime!

  • Mohamad Zulkarnain, February 16

    Aww Maxime! You are awesome! Congrats on making to top 10.

  • Nissi, February 14

    So excited for Maxime! The dance was definitely a surprise.

  • Alexei, February 12

    Genial el video, me alegra muchísimo por ti Maxime, te mereces lo mejor!!!

  • Muna, February 12

    Yes! We can comment! I was waiting for this ever since Rosanna superise video! Thanks! Congratulation Maxime! I like your personality :) and Yvonne, I like your free-spirit. I can't wait to see you all travel together!

  • Brennen, February 12

    Oh fancy new comments!!! Great job Maxime, you deserve it! ;)

  • Ruber, February 12

    OMG she is so sweet, seems like she has an angel over her face that make you smile. I Just wanna know who is going to be the next person.

  • Kat, February 11

    It's just thrilling so see the Top 10 meeting Yvonne in person for the very first time! So emotional!