John's farewell message

John leaves the journey and goes home to India. He has decided to say a few personal words about his farewell. Great respect and a big thank you from the whole Yuujou team that you - John - are part of Yuujou.

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  • Shevon, May 22

    All the best John

  • Julia, May 21

    Bye John. ♥️

  • Julia, May 21

    Bye John. ♥️

  • Rosanna, May 21

    Sad to see you go John. Mental and physical health are very important and I am happy that you realized the limits your body is able to handle. No matter what, you've been apart of this Yuujou adventure and have had some worldly experiences and memories to last you a lifetime. Take what you've learned and grow as a person!

  • Camilo, May 20

    So sad!!! 😔 Wishing you all the best John.👍🏻

  • Paula, May 20

    All the best John ❤️

  • Adrian, May 20

    That's so sad :( I wish you well and will carry your memories on the journey. All the best to you and stay healthy and happy our friend! You are always part of the Yuujou circle of friendship around the world.

  • Bertha, May 20

    ❤️❤️❤️All the best John. Take care of yourself!

  • Irene, May 20

    This is very sad to see. :(

  • Fahmeedah, May 20

    That's so sad 😔 Wishing you all the best John.