#FriendshipFriday: Maxime's story

Yay - it's Friday! And this means we tell our next #FriendshipFriday story! Every Friday, we'll publish a handpicked friendship story from one of you guys that has inspired us. You can tell us anything. Maybe about how you met a new friend, or how you and another friend did something memorable together, or maybe just share how much your friends mean to you! The story can be funny, emotional, straightforward: It doesn't matter! We believe that every friendship is special, and we just want to share more of these beautiful, mostly untold stories. So share your stories with us on hello@yuujou.world.

This week, we wish to highlight Maxime, and their friendships with strangers around the world. Maxime is a world traveler who believes that, "There will always be something that is relatable, and that connects us as citizens of the world."

Here is Maxime's story:

"I have made a lot of friends by saying yes to opportunities, by being open-minded, by living in the present and by daring to try new things (always safety first, of course). I also think it is important to listen to what others have to say, there is so much knowledge and interesting stories out there! It is definitely easier to bond with people when there is a conversation happening and an open space for discussion to share mutual experiences.

It's so hard for me to choose one specific personal friendship, because there are so many different kinds of friendships. Every person I have met is special and every experience that I've had with new friends is unique.

It is easy to bond with people with something that connects or relates you together, it might be where you belong: I met so many of my friends who are also full-time travelers and belong in the world as nomads, or what you have seen or visited: I've bonded with strangers by sharing personal experiences from a place we had both gone to, or a common language: I've met a lot of people when transportations get delayed, because I hear them speak my native language and I start interacting with them. It could also be a shared passion: I have so many passions and have connected with people through dancing, kickboxing, sewing, knitting, languages, photography, traveling and so on, or a shared experience: I went on a four day trek to the Lost City in Colombia and got to share those 4 days with my beautiful group, and strangers became friends. Might have also been a life experience: Anyone from the LGBTQ+ community and non-binary people, I can really relate to them and we support each other whenever we're faced with more difficult situations, or it might be a similar positive energy: Anyone with a positive energy, I get attracted to get to know them better and hang out. It is so beautiful to be surrounded by people who lift your spirit and pull your energy up. Or it could also be a love for food: I cooked so many meals and potlucks with new people and got to learn more about their culture and food.

There are so many things that can bond each and every one of us together."

With the purpose of creating a circle of friendship around the world, Yuujou also focuses on encouraging more face-to-face social interactions. At Yuujou, we believe in the power of friendship, and we believe that when we open up to strangers, we strengthen our faith in each other. And who knows? Maybe through #FriendshipFriday, you could also help us prove that we are all connected together as humans, not just virtually, but also in real life.

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  • Adrian, May 11

    What an amazing stories of friendship Maxine has shared. And like I said in the my profile video, it is the center of our diversity that we can be connected and create friendship.

  • Fahmeedah, May 10

    Love this!

  • Preya, May 10

    Very nicely written. Can read it over and over again.

  • Yvonne, May 10

    Oh Maxime! I hope we make our way to Canada for a meet-up!

  • Corinne, May 10

    Thank you for these beautiful words, Maxime!