Day 83: Team East

In Hainan June to August is the typhoon season and also rainy season. Team East faces a typhoon warning. Heavy rain to rainstorm is predicted. And there's a tropical disturbance gradually developing in central coastal regions of South China Sea which is likely to develop into the first typhoon to hit Hainan this year. 

Before the three travelers hide in their rooms with lots of food (all stores will be closed) they enjoy another day at the beach. Here they meet Billal. He is from the Comoros Island and has been living in Hainan for 3 years studying and teaching English. Together they spend the afternoon at the beach, swimming and building sandcastles together. 

In the evening it's getting more and more windy. Decoration and sunshades fly around, but the local people seem to be very used to these weather conditions. Everyone closes down their activities and waits until everything has passed.

Luckily the three travelers are fine, too!

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