Day 75: Team West

Have you ever dreamt of a roadtrip with your friends? This is what Team West is up to. They are renting a car and drive from Austin, Texas to San Francisco, California.

On their way the three travelers stop in Fredericksburg. It's only intended for a short break but ends in a two hours stop making friends with Nick and Texas, drinking beer and having lots of fun. The roadtrip continues to Junction where the travelers stay for the night. 

The second day of the roadtrip then continues to Marfa where Jed, Yvonne and Panos stay at a beautiful camping site with caravans and tipis. 

Any tips where else the travelers should absolutely stop on their way to San Francisco?

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  • Linda, June 27

    Love these shots!

  • Wendy, June 26

    Awsome, these photos are outstanding! Well done to all of You!!!