Day 57: Team East

Team East arrives in Moscow. Nika from the Yuujou Top 25 is expecting them at her home. She sent the travelers a brief description how to arrive at her house, but then surprises them at the train station with her self-made Yuujou sign. It's so good to see the people from the Yuujou community connecting and supporting each other. If you live close to where the travelers go to, reach out to them with a direct message on our Instagram profile.

Since Team East's next host Dimitri has no possibility to host the travelers, they are staying with Nika. Her home is spectacular. There is artwork everywhere. So she introduces Paula, Renata and Joey into her art and the projects she is currently working on. The travelers also get to know Nika's two cats. Nika always wanted to have cats and once her neighbor's cat go kittens she finally got herself one. But the cat run away. Nika and her friend Nastya both started to find the cat again and then both found it. So there were suddenly two identical cats at Nika's home and she decided to keep both of them: Coco and Chanel. 

In the afternoon the group of travelers and Nika explore some of the most important sights of Moscow such as the St. Basil's Cathedral, the GUM - a famous Russian department store, Eliseevsky shop, Tverskaya Street and Nikolskaya Street. 

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  • Preya, June 7

    Such happy faces. :D :)