Day 42: Team East

Team East arrives in Kharkiv where they meet their next host Sasha. Sasha is a friend of Vlad from Prague. When the travelers meet up with Sasha he brings along his brother Egor and his friends Bacho and Bogdan. Together they walk across the Maryinsky bridge over Kharkiv river. There were a lot of love and friendship locks on the bridge, but they had to cut them all off as they were getting too heavy and the bridge couldn't support it anymore. 

They are all very excited to be part of the Yuujou journey and to help to create a circle of friendship around the world. Bogdan is learning English and is very eager to learn new words. So he asks Joey and Paula about their life back home, the place they live and the people in their lives for the entire day. Thanks to a lot of pictures that Joey and Paula are carrying with them their new friends get a deep insight into their daily life back home. It's so good to see that there is happening an exchange of information about people coming from different places and different cultural backgrounds and that each and everyone can learn from the others.

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  • Adrian, May 23

    Interesting how pictures can help tell stories more than how we can tell them verbally to other people. Its also a great conversation starter to a stranger or new friends😉