Day 32: Team East

Team East is further exploring Eastern Europe. John, Paula and Joey are in Prague where they arrived after a really long bus ride from Belgrade. Here they will meet their next host. As you can see on the map Team East is traveling in circles and not really going eastwards. We hope that their host in Prague will send them to a friend who is bringing them more to the east. 
However, staying in Prague gives Paula the opportunity to meet her best friend Tara. She arrived from the Netherlands and spends the weekend with the three travelers. And Tara is not the only friend Team East meets. They also pump into Diana who is a friend of host Sebastian from Vienna. 

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  • Adrian, May 17

    Team East is ensuring the chain of friendship in Europe is very tight with all that circling on the map! And yes, hopefully be sent far Eastward next.

  • Preya, May 14

    Joey's sleeping patterns :D ^^

  • Joey, May 13

    So much fun meeting up with friends here in Prague! But yes hopefully getting sent East soon! 🤞🤞🤞