Caribbean vibes

Yvonne and Corinne head south. Next stop: Haiti. Daphne is the next lucky candidate who gets visited by the two sisters. And the big news about being in the Top 10 could not make her happier.

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  • Luxon, February 20

    I am waitting for you among the top five, congratulations Daphne

  • Beatrice, February 17

    Soooo excited to see Daphne among the top ten!! Absolutely deserved, for whoever comes close to her is touched by her grace! We root for you a thousand times and wish you the best on this journey. She represents the vibrant Haiti we seldom see in the media while her example can make so many souls spring to excellence as well. Thanks Yuujou for showcasing her and for giving a chance to all the other participants. Congrats to all the top 10. Go Daphné, go!!! We've got your back!

  • Alex, February 16

    Whoooooooohooooo!!!! Congrats Daph you made it! Happy for you and keep on shining. Dreams are there to be lived! Let's bring that smile to the world!

  • Vanesa, February 16

    Congratulations Daphne!! I´m so glad for you! Since I saw your video, I like you! You are always with a beautiful smile.I`m glad that you can live this experience. :)

  • Ladybug, February 15

    Hey Daph, you are totally the kind of person people want to learn from. Your "always" positive vibes makes you a fun and empathetic person to be around. Im praying for you to live that experience with the opportunity given from Yuujou to open up and heal from harsh times by learning from others. We are all proud of you from heaven back to Earth. :)

  • Solomon, February 15

    Woop woop!!! Sooooo happy and proud of you Daphne. You did it!! Speak your dreams into reality and watch the journey unfold. #thisisyourjourney 💙

  • Doomy, February 15

    YESSSSSSSSS I'm proud of you Daphne. You have made it to the top 10. Congratulations and let's make it all the way to the top. You got this.

  • Aïlo, February 15

    Daphne has the best personality and is so beautiful inside and out! She’s a true gem and a strong woman! She deserves this!! Daphne we love you and we are rooting for you!! Thank you Yuuju for letting Haiti shine during these dark times that the country is facing! This is so important! We love the values of solidarity friendship and hope that you have been conveying! Let’s go Daphne !!!

  • Etienne, February 15

    I am happy that Daphne is part of the top 10. Let's go for it. #509

  • Joey, February 15

    Woohoo!!!!! So happy for ya! Great pick for the top 10! Congrats again!