Surprise visit to Joey

Yvonne is on her way to surprise the third Top 10 candidate: Joey. Returning home from a training session for his very first half marathon, everything seems to be normal. But then there is someone siting on his couch.

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  • Jaypee, February 23

    I'm so jealous 😂😂hahaha Congrats Joey... Have fun and enjoy!

  • Mohamad Zulkarnain, February 16

    Hi Joey! Congrats on making to top 10. I'm telling you, this video makes me happy! It feels such a warm and genuine to have the support from all of your family and friends. #positivecommunity

  • Maxime, February 15

    Yeah! This made me smile so much, great supruse visit!!

  • Regina, February 15

    Ah amazing! Congratulations Joey! :)

  • Jennifer, February 14

    What a super fun night! Great laughs, awesome games and most importantly, fellowship with incredible people especially our new Swiss friends! Hope to see you all again soon! If you ever get to North Florida you have to look us up!!! Love you guys, Mama Briggs

  • Doris, February 14

    it feels so good to know that there are actually these kinda people out there. Happy for you guys

  • Nissi, February 14

    I was smiling throughout! So cool to watch how y'all surprised Joey.

  • Joey, February 14

    My roommates and I have the new goal of some how tracking down this guy in the behgining of the video 😂😂😂. He seems like a good time. Thank you again so much for coming!

  • Brennen, February 14

    Some amazing moments here! Love watching guys, the style of filming seems so fun!